About me

Hi there, my name is Femke van Heijningen. My site is not finished yet so please be patient. 🙂

But for now let me introduce myself:

Being in the here and now is natural for me. I play as much with my role of being an artist, as I do with the material placed in my hands. I strive to let go of all imposed creative concepts and seek rapprochement in my work.

I challenge others to experience the sense of community with me. Within my artistic practice, I use ceramics as a powerful tool to engage in conversation and create a sense of belonging, a group feeling.

Currently, the act of claying in the form of a workshop, is the most important part of my work. During these workshops, we work together to create utensils with personal stories.

The ceramic works symbolize a diversity of voices and stories, where I am particularly interested in uniting art and social impact. While we are actively engaged, the conversation arises naturally, just as the material forms.

Both the temporary group and the final result are equally dear to me, where the ceramic objects will always be a reference to the experience of the group.